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Herbal Medicine and Traditional Healing:
Greek Island of the Aegean—Ikaria

Join Jane, Thea, and renowned local herbalists on a journey of learning as you explore the out-of-the-way places of the gorgeous island of Ikaria.

May 4 — May 14, 2018

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Jane Bothwell & The Dandelion Herbal Center
Jane Bothwell is a practicing herbalist, educator, hypnotherapist, and flower essence practitioner.

She is dedicated to empowering people with the knowledge and wisdom necessary to use plants wisely as food, medicine, and spiritual support.

buddhaWith this learning comes a fuller appreciation of the bounty of creation and a greater ability and desire to care for oneself, ones family, and our universe. She brings 30 plus years of working with clients, teaching herb classes and generally immersing herself in plants.

Jane is a former board member of United Plant Savers and a former teacher and administrator of the California School of Herbal Studies.  She produced an herbal video, Medicinal Fields.  Three years ago, Jane Bothwell initiated the Medicinal Cannabis Conference in Arcata, CA, bringing together physicians, scholars, practitioners, providers and interested parties to share and learn about the benefits and multiple uses of medicinal cannabis.

Jane Bothwell directs the Dandelion Herbal Center in Kneeland, CA., where she resides in the magnificent redwood forest.

Tdhc_classroom_325he Dandelion Herbal Center

Dandelion Herbal Center offers classes and field trips for herb students ranging from the beginner interested primarily in basic herbal crafting techniques to advanced students seeking to enhance their careers in complementary medicine.
Jane’s lifelong love affair with medicinal plants finds a perfect setting here in the magnificent coastal mountains of Northern California. From pristine tide pools to lush wetlands and the sacred majesty of local redwoods, we are blessed with a glorious abundance of herbs to admire and study.

Jane Bothwell has lovingly photographed over 40 plants, carefully labelled them with their common as well as botanical names. Our hope is that you enjoy seeing and identifying the many plants that you encounter in your outdoor adventures. You are encouraged to research and learn the many characteristics and benefits of each one.  CLICK HERE TO BEGIN YOUR VIRTUAL HERB WALK!

The Dandelion Herbal Center School is located adjacent to Jane’s home near Arcata, California. In addition to teaching herself, Jane hosts an exciting array of guest teachers. 

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