Your Hosts for the 2018 Hawaiian Adventure

Dr. Richard Liebmann and his wife Natalie Young, stewards of Lokahi Garden Sanctuary, and herbalist Jane Bothwell and explore the island’s diverse climate zones and wide range of habitats that provide an ideal setting to explore the remarkable diversity of nature, our relationship to the healing world of plants, and our innate place in the great web of life.

Richard Liebmann ND

Richard began his journey to health and wellness in his early 20s living in Israel. He returned to the United States to attend the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Richard graduated with high honors in 1977 and for the next two years worked at the college teaching and in the administration as Academic Dean. In 1979 Richard moved to the big island of Hawaii and opened the Hawaii Family Health Clinic. After his work in the clinic Richard began integrating his experience practicing Naturopathic Medicine into expanded arenas. In 1983 Richard moved to Ohio and co-founded Equinox Botanicals, a high quality manufacturer of herbal medicines. For over 20 years Richard and his wife Natalie have been leading groups in health and adventure based experiences in Hawaii and Italy and Patagonia. In 1996 Richard became the first executive director of United Plant Savers, a non profit organization dedicated to medicinal plant conservation. During his tenure he helped birth the UPS botanical sanctuary on 300 acres in southeast Ohio. For the past 15 years Richard has been focused on creating Lokahi Garden Sanctuary. With the help of his two children he built the sanctuary center, planted the gardens and orchards and landscaped 10 acres with over 250 different species of plants and trees.

Natalie K Young MSW LMT

Natalie Klausman Young fell in love with Hawaii in 1977 while living in a tent for a month in the wilderness of Kalalau Valley on Kauai. Her passion for the interconnection of people to people and people to nature as embodied by the land and people of Hawaii bought her to live here permanently in 1981. Her childhood was infused with a great love of the outdoors, dance and health. She earned her college degree from Washington University (Sociology/Anthropology and Modern Dance) and her graduate degree from Tulane University (Masters of Social Work). Further learning about communication, cultural diversity, movement for health, and ways to bring deeper connection among people and between people and nature continues. For more than thirty years, she has continued to teach, and perform dance, practiced Social Work and relationship facilitation, practiced and taught yoga, Dance and Pilates, as well as communication skills. She became a licensed massage therapist in 1998 and continues to practice massage currently. For over 20 years Natalie and her Naturopathic Physician husband Richard have been leading groups in health and adventure based experiences in Hawaii, Italy and Patagonia. Natalie and Richard came together in 1981 each with a vision of a residential Holistic Healing and Wellness Center in Hawaii that has been a foundational theme in their relationship. Together they have pursued this vision. They chose to share the beauty of Lokahi Garden Sanctuary… its organic farming and beautiful home with others … as an “off the tourist path” vacation place and wellness retreat.

Jane Bothwell, your Dandelion  Host.

Jane Bothwell is a practicing herbalist, educator, hypnotherapist, and flower essence practitioner.

She is dedicated to empowering people with the knowledge and wisdom necessary to use plants wisely as food, medicine, and spiritual support.

buddhaWith this learning comes a fuller appreciation of the bounty of creation and a greater ability and desire to care for oneself, ones family, and our universe. She brings 30 plus years of working with clients, teaching herb classes and generally immersing herself in plants.

Jane is a former board member of United Plant Savers and a former teacher and administrator of the California School of Herbal Studies.  She produced an herbal video, Medicinal Fields.  Three years ago, Jane Bothwell initiated the Medicinal Cannabis Conference in Arcata, CA, bringing together physicians, scholars, practitioners, providers and interested parties to share and learn about the benefits and multiple uses of medicinal cannabis.

Jane Bothwell directs the Dandelion Herbal Center in Kneeland, CA., where she resides in the magnificent redwood forest.

Throughout the week, your Dandelion host, Jane Bothwell, will be offering a series of informal hands-on herb talks & demonstrations which include:

◊  making herbal oils and salves
◊   making natural cosmetics and skin care
◊   recipes for the traveler
◊   making flower essences from local plants.



Richard Liebmann
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Lokahi Garden Sanctuary
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Hawi, Hi 96719

Jane Bothwell
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Dandelion Herbal Center
PO Box 4440
Arcata, CA 95518

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